War in Iraq? The worst remedy for the the world's grave problems


Going to war, any war, is always a step back. A failure for democracy, development and understanding: a defeat for the whole of humanity!

We have always been for life and against violence, but particularly since 11 September 2001. However, the belligerent attitude of the US towards Iraq threatens the foundations of world co-existence and international law. These are foundations that began to be laid after two world wars and under US leadership precisely to prevent war in the future.

Despite the efforts of the UN and several states to moderate the US tendency towards unilateral action - Security Council Resolution 1441 reopened the path towards a diplomatic solution of the conflict - it appears beyond doubt that, ignoring the results of the UN inspections and the serious objections of many people, institutions and governments all over the world, you are determined to unleash a war against Iraq, one certain to cause even more death, misery and desperation to a people already oppressed, their endurance tested to the very limit.

Despite the disinformation campaigns, the great majority of world public opinion sees no reason for preventive war. Does the US government really believe that it is helping to build a more peaceful and democratic world, a fairer, freer and safer world with disinformation campaigns and preventive wars? Are you deaf to the indignant clamour that rises from all over the planet and from within your own country?

We call on you to remember your great responsibility before history and to use the enormous resources available to you to help humanity recover its faith in itself as your country has done in the past. Do not help spread the harsh message that only economic interests, linked in this case to oil and the war industry, can move the world's powerful to take action and sow more violence poverty and hate around the world. Respond to these problems in a spirit of solidarity, justice and aid. This is what humanity needs and what it expects.

We continue to share and understand the American people's grief and fear over the tragic events of September 11. But the best way to prevent this pain from being repeated and from spreading, to erase the seed of terrorism from the face of the world, is to do the opposite of what your are now doing. We call on you to take a radical change of direction to build peace, justice and development in the world.

Fonte: World Forum of Civil Society Networks

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