The Campaign Against Greta is an Index of the Loss of Values

Since the powerful march of hundreds of thousands of students in 1,000 towns against climate change, an unexpected campaign of delegitimation, ”demystification” and demonisation has started against Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who started the movement. After searching the media, social media and we... (continua)

What are the policy-priorities of European citizens

Within this unique public consultation organised by Civico Europa, millions of European citizens have proposed their solutions for reinventing Europe and voted on others to express their priorities. The environment and democracy are on the top.The consultation, which goes under the name “WeEuropeans”, aims at p... (continua)

Hungary’s Orbán clings on to Europe’s power center

Opponents see suspension by conservatives as ‘political trick.’Europe’s most powerful political family imposed a timeout on its troublesome son but stopped short of kicking him out.The European People’s Party (EPP), the center-right alliance that stretches across the Continent, suspended Hungarian Prime Ministe... (continua)

Horror on Facebook Live: what to do about fascism on social networks

Santiago, Chile – Redacción Chile . The terrorist attack perpetrated by white supremacists in New Zealand has had as an even more brutal feature with the live streaming by one of the killers in the act of committing the crime. The real time broadcast of the murder of dozens of people is an exampl... (continua)

Neo-liberalism seems to have reached a dead end

Donald Trump’s desperate attempt to reduce unemployment in the US is not a matter of mere idiosyncrasyThe decision of the American president, Donald Trump, to remove several of India’s exports to the United States of America from the zero-tariff list has a significance much beyond questions like how much it wou... (continua)

Time for Europe’s centre-right group to kick out Viktor Orban

ON JUNE 16TH 1989 Hungarians gathered to rebury Imre Nagy. The liberalising prime minister’s overthrow had prompted the uprising against Soviet rule 33 years before. In Heroes’ Square in Budapest they placed flowers and wreaths around his coffin as Viktor Orban, a 26-year-old leader of the Young Democrats (know... (continua)

Impeachment is Not Enough! Toward a Single Term Presidency

In commenting on the new status of Chinese President Xi as president for life, President Trump quipped: “And look, he was able to do that. I think it’s great. Maybe we’ll give that a shot someday.” (March 3, 2018).  What Trump may have considered to be a joke could instead prove to be a lapsus révélateur.... (continua)

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