Anti-Muslim violence in Delhi serves Modi well

The riots have been driven by a ruling party intent on painting its largely peaceful opponents as seditious sectariansSince Sunday violent mobs in north-east Delhi have killed 21 people including a police constable, injured hundreds of others, burned motor vehicles, set fire to shops and hom... (continua)

The EU wants to set the rules for the world of technology

After data protection, artificial intelligence, competition and more. The Brussels effect, contBERLIN AND SAN FRANCISCO – MARK ZUCKERBERG might not have liked everything he heard, but Facebook’s boss got the timing right for a recent visit to Brussels. He was among the first outsiders to hear about the Eur... (continua)

How Nigeria’s Police used Telecom Surveillance to Lure & Arrest Journalists

NEW YORK, Feb 19 2020 (IPS) – As reporters for Nigeria’s Premium Times newspaper, Samuel Ogundipe and Azeezat Adedigba told CPJ they spoke often over the phone. They had no idea that their regular conversations about work and their personal lives were creating a record of their friendship.On August 9, 2018, Ogu... (continua)

The War Against the Poor Knows No Borders

The Trump administration’s sanctions against Iran and cuts to SNAP benefits are two sides of the same war that the rich are waging against the global poor.The January 3 assassination of Qasem Soleimani was a major escalation in the U.S. conflict with Iran. In reality, though, the United States has been besiegin... (continua)

War No More

NEW YORK, Feb 12 2020 (IPS) – 75 years ago following the end of the Second World War and the first time any state has dropped an atomic bomb, not once, but twice, on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, 51 countries from all continents met to create the United Nations.Its primary purpose, as stated in the Charter says: “We... (continua)

A Plea to Save the Last Nuclear Arms Treaty

Two former diplomats, from Russia and America, call for extending the nuclear arms limitation pact called New START, to make the world more secure.The relationship between Russia and the United States has been mired in crisis for much of the past decade. Communication once considered routine has been cut off, d... (continua)

Trump scapegoats almost a quarter of Africa’s population

It says a lot about this fraught moment in U.S. politics that President Trump’s move to slap immigration restrictions on almost a quarter of Africa’s population transpired with little more than a murmur in Washington. But amid the final throes of the Senate impeachment trial and the chaos of the Democratic cauc... (continua)

Impeachment fallito – Il declino della democrazia americana

È la terza volta nella storia degli Stati Uniti che c’è un impeachment ad un presidente e nemmeno questa volta succederà perchè la maggioranza repubblicana non farà passare l’impeachment e questo sarà un boomerang per i democratici. Sappiamo che il 63% degli americani è contro l’impeachment e bisogna tenere in conto che la storia degli Stati Uniti è una storia diversa da tutte le altre. Il... (continua)

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