La strategia della resilienza. Soluzione o legittimazione del nuovo apartheid planetario?

Non c’è nessuna ragione per pensare che le previsioni demografiche dell’ONU riguardo il 2050 (fra soli 30 anni) saranno lontane dalla realtà.(1)I dati sollevano una legittima domanda. Quante persone di queste popolazioni saranno resilienti alle “emergenze “ (un’espressione cara ai gruppi sociali dominanti) che... (continua)

Yes, homeless people have rights. Even in Venice

This week, the U.S. Supreme Court showed that, among its many talents, it’s pretty damn good at simple calculations: If cities don’t have enough beds to shelter homeless people, then police may not force the homeless off public sidewalks or out of public parks.Sleeping in parks, in sidewalk tents or o... (continua)

Trump Refuses to Lead on Climate Change—But I Refuse to Wait

Earlier this week, reporters asked me why I was in Madrid for the U.N. climate summit rather than back home on the campaign trail. The answer was simple: I went because President Donald Trump refused to go.The president refuses to lead on climate change, so the rest of us must. He has refused to support the Par... (continua)

Why the Afghanistan Papers Are an Eerie Reminder of Vietnam

Noam Chomsky recently celebrated his 91st birthday. As an homage to Noam, I spent the day with one of his lesser-known books—The Backroom Boys (1973). The book is made up of two spectacular essays, the first a close reading of the Pentagon Papers. To read this book alongside the trove of documents&nbs... (continua)

Climate Change and Loss of Species: Our Greatest Challenges

ROME, Nov  2019 (IPS) – Mottled and reddish, the Lake Oku puddle frog has made its tragic debut on the Red List, a rapidly expanding roll call of threatened species. It was once abundant in the Kilum-Ijim rainforest of Cameroon but has not been seen since 2010 and is now listed as critically enda... (continua)


Loving care for our childrenWe give our children loving care, but it makes no sense to do so unless we do everything in our power to give them a future world in which they can survive. We also have a duty to our grandchildren, and to all future generations.Today we are faced with the threat of an environmental... (continua)

It’s hard to be an optimist about America right now

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It’s a secular celebration of America, and as an immigrant, I feel I have much to be grateful for. I am an optimist who tends to see the story of this country as one of addressing its shortcomings and making progress. Lately, it has been tough to maintain that sunny outlook.... (continua)

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