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The Guardian view on the threat of Bolsonaro: tropical disaster is man-made

Brazil’s far-right populist president has encouraged the wanton destruction of the world’s greatest forest. He has been humbled but not stoppedAs Donald Trump’s America retreats from global leadership, coalitions of like-minded nations are attempting to limit the damage. One such grouping at this weekend’s ... (continua)

Amazon Fires Heat Up Political Crisis in Brazil

RIO DE JANEIRO, Aug  2019 (IPS) – August is the month of major political crises in Brazil, but no one suspected that an environmental issue would be the trigger for the storms threatening the government of President Jair Bolsonaro, just eight months into his term.Protests against the fires sweeping Brazil’... (continua)

The El Paso Shooting and the Virality of Evil

Shortly after 10 a.m. on Saturday, an unsigned document was posted to 8chan, a site that calls itself “the darkest reaches of the Internet.” Its author appeared to be a twenty-one-year-old white man from near Dallas, Texas, who had just driven about nine hours to the border city of El Paso. According... (continua)

The new social movement on climate change

Over the last nine months, calls to address climate change have become a powerful new social movement.Driving the news: Climate change has traditionally not spawned intense, organized and continued protest. That’s been gradually changing, and since November with the rise of the Green New Dea... (continua)

Eco-Apartheid Is Real

The climate crisis is converging with a housing crisis. We need to tackle both with a Green New Deal for Housing.The heat is on. A heat wave is breaking records across much of Western Europe. And this weekend sweltering heat baked half the United States. For some media outlets and climate advocat... (continua)

Il precipitoso imbarbarimento dei nostri tempi

A conti fatti, sembra che Thomas Hobbes, il filosofo inglese del XVII secolo che aveva una terribile concezione dell’uomo, non aveva tutti i torti.Dal frivolo al serio, in solo una settimana abbiamo avuto a che fare con quattro notizie di fatti che non sarebbero successi in un mondo normale. Una bellezza porno... (continua)

UN Chief Guterres Has Disappointed on Human Rights

New Strategy Needed for Second Half of TermWhen former Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Guterres was elected United Nations secretary-general in 2016, many human rights activists welcomed the announcement. They hoped he would bring to UN headquarters the same passion for defending human rights that he showed d... (continua)

The Migrant Crisis, Through the Eyes of Human Traffickers

Emiliano Monge’s novel Among the Lost leads a reader through the hellish migrant trail from the perspective of its most amoral agents.Sometimes a national conversation, no matter its constant news coverage, remains—at least for those not directly affected—in the realm of abstraction. But then, after a phot... (continua)

The Future of NATO

Washington ceremony marks 70th anniversary of NATO on April 3, 2019.The seventieth anniversary of the Washington Treaty, the founding document of NATO, represents more than just a historical moment for commemorating NATO’s past, but also an opportunity to address the challenges facing NATO today, and to di... (continua)

Letting the Cat out: Jieng Dinka Attempt to Impose Hegemony and Domination in South Sudan!

It isn’t possible that people who’ve been struggling together against a common enemy for nearly six decades could turn in the end against themselves as if nothing strategic bounded them together. Many people in the civilized world find it difficult to comprehend South Sudanese leaders’ attitude towards their co... (continua)

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