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Bogaletch Gebre È Morta. Addio Alla Più Grande Donna Femminista Etiope Della Storia

Essere una donna a Kembatta-Tembarro può trasformarsi in un vero incubo. Nella piccola regione etiope, “le donne non hanno più valore delle mucche”, non hanno accesso ai servizi di scolarizzazione e sono costrette a subire in silenzio abusi e violenze. Nella maggior parte dell’Etiopia, il fenomen... (continua)

UN calls for talks to end Bolivia crisis as death toll rises

Violent confrontations, highway blockades cause supply shortages as Anez moves to revise Morales-era policies.A Bolivian official said a United Nations envoy is urging the government of the Andean country’s interim president and supporters of self-exiled leader Evo Morales to begin talks on resolving... (continua)

Facing the resignation of President Evo Morales and the coup d’état in Bolivia

The resignation of Evo Morales, President of Bolivia, and of Vice-President Álvaro García Lineras is undoubtedly a regrettable fact, not only for Bolivia, but for all democratic processes on the continent and in the world. The international rejection has been categorical to the coup d’état that has been consumm... (continua)

The Money Farmers: How Oligarchs and Populists Milk the E.U. for Millions

The European Union spends $65 billion a year subsidizing agriculture. But a chunk of that money emboldens strongmen, enriches politicians and finances corrupt dealing.CSAKVAR, Hungary — Under Communism, farmers labored in the fields that stretch for miles around this town west of Budapest, reaping wheat and cor... (continua)

What the Dismantling of the Berlin Wall Means 30 Years Later

What can the fall of the Berlin Wall teach us at a time when democracy is in retreat, predatory capitalism is on the rise, and a new arms race is ramping up? And the Return of War-as-the-AnswerSome anniversaries are less about the past than the future. So it should be with November 9, 1989. In case you’ve long... (continua)

Donald Trump: An American Tragedy for the U.S. and the Entire World

“If this [U.S.] government ever became a tyrant, if a dictator ever took charge in this country, the technological capacity that the intelligence community has given the government could enable it to impose total tyranny, and there would be no way to fight back because the most careful effort to combi... (continua)

The Making of the American Gulag

During the Cold War, the “police apparatus” was held up as a prime example of Soviet repression. Yet in its efforts to fight subversives, the United States ended up with its own carceral state. Imagine an empire with a massive security sector, one barely accountable to the democratic will. This c... (continua)

How Catalonia’s independence bid was led by belief bloc would ‘give region voice’

CATALONIA protests continue to rage on after Spain jailed leaders of the Catalan separatist movement and, despite campaigners’ pleas, the EU has refused to intervene – even though some separatists believed Brussels would help give “a voice” to their nation, an unearthed article has revealed.Catalonia called an... (continua)

What the people of the world want it clear: democratic control of their economies.

Each year, the board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) gathers at its headquarters in Washington, D.C. This year, the IMF will meet under the leadership of a new chief, Kristalina Georgieva, who crossed the street from the World Bank to take over this post from Christine Lagarde. Lagarde, as it happens,... (continua)

Abiy Ahmed, Ethiopia’s prime minister, wins 2019 Nobel peace prize

Award recognises efforts for peace, in particular in resolving Eritrea border conflictThe prime minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, who forged a peace deal with Eritrea last year, has won the 2019 Nobel peace prize.The award recognised Abiy’s “efforts to achieve peace and international cooperation, and in pa... (continua)

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